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Cybersecurity and Threat Hunting

Discover Cybersecurity Threats Hiding Within Your Data

Threat hunting, the process of discovering cybersecurity anomalies and threats, is a concern for all businesses large and small. These anomalies and threats hide within your security log data. Unfortunately, the solutions to finding these hidden anomalies and threats tend to be expensive, complex, and not part of normal workflows due to lack of staffing or understanding of the threat hunting process. A cyber attack can devastate a business without the proper defenses, which is why SmithSec exists.  

We offer threat hunting solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning tailored to your business.

SmithSec is your trusted cyber-security advisor and partner. Contact us today to protect your business, income, and reputation.

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Gain insights into your security logs that may reveal hidden threats in your environment.



Are you concerned about the potential hidden threats that exist on your business systems?



Having logs of your systems is critical to securing any business.

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